Say Something Random 5.3


I’m not sure if this is a cry for help or a joke.





Yes, I feel old now. Thanks. D:


Ahh Please smile ^.^


Blue exorcist gif? Gotta save that.


I’ve decided to expand my artistic horizons and set about until the end of September to do things I normally wouldn’t do with art.

  1. Keep a sketchbook
  2. Use watercolors (always hated them)
  3. Use Brush Pens, Brush Markers, and Aqua Brushes
  4. Draw from actual life
  5. Draw landscapes/buildings/etc. that I normally would never do (thought it to be boring)
  6. Be willing to draw anywhere
  7. Keep a journal/diary of sorts in “Bullet Journal” style
  8. Care more about drawing in the moment, not technical accuracy, nothing has to be “good”

I put this to the test over the past couple days and took my sketchbook to the beach, painted with watercolors using the brush pen and aqua brush, paint a landscape before me, as my husband and son played in the lake.

(You can’t really tell since my inking was thick but the yellow sign behind the car has a tractor on it. I find that amusing. Also the dog was a Yorkie somebody brought that was the smallest Yorkie I’ve ever seen - like teacup chihuahua size - and it ran around the beach and dive bombed me once, so CUTE!)


Why load lava into a gun when you can pour it down their throats? MWHAHAHA!


I haven’t had anyone offer their Netflix account, but would feel bad. They have to pay for that (I’m pretty sure you have to pay extra for devices not in your home too) and I couldn’t pay them back (for now anyways)…


Actually, no. As long as your subscription is paid, then you can have any number of separate users and devices log onto it.

If I hadn’t cancelled mine then I’d certainly offer mine up.

Not all payment is money :wink:

Kiding. That’s the only payment worth anything.


Then Netflix fucked my sister over and I wouldn’t want to get it anyway because she let my older brother borrow her account and they made her pay extra for his device not being in the same home.

Damn straight.



I got a fucking Jeanne in F/GO with a single summon Gacha. After spending so much time summoning, so many quartz on 10x summons, I get it from a free fuckin summon.

I am not mad. Quite happy, actually. Just annoyed at how much I spent and got so little from it, then luck goes back and gives it to me for free.



Fuck yeah motherfucker.








Little does she know that he is the very same man that killed her mother.

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