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Crap I haven’t watched that far XD. Oh well. Was referring more to classic Who. I don’t seem to remember [quote=“TrickshotMcgee, post:9636, topic:109181”]

This character at all. Is this also after the previous event?


Chop chop, mang. Catch up. It’s good!

Not sure where you’re at in the show, so no clue what “event” you’re referring to.


Hey, anyone here interested in a discord Star Wars RP?


There was just a period of several episodes in a row where I though “Eh. I could’ve done something better with that 40min.” Kinda stalled out after that. Sorta similar to most of the episodes in Tennant/Donna/Martha phase. Not that Tennant wasn’t a fun doctor, but the writing and stories for a lot of those episodes had me saying: “Oh come oooooooooooon” multiple times an episode.

I’m in Capaldi after the stupid “Moon is an egg” episode.


That is exactly why I don’t like Donna. All of her episodes annoyed me. Martha was middle of the road for me, neither here nor there. Could have been better, I admit.


That episode was weird. But yeah, I guess I spoiled a bit for you. Didn’t give any major details, though. Nothing you couldn’t guess on your own anyways.

But Time Lords regenerating into the other gender isn’t a new concept. It has been mentioned a few times, not only by Tennant, but I am sure Smith mentioned it a number of times. Not against the rules at all, just not something you’ve seen yet.


When I made my comment I was thinking more of classic Who. But I suppose new Who has also taken…liberties with some other established Who tropes so I guess anything goes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, it still amuses me though! Lol

Oh, they are definitely pulling that feminism string, but it’s still very welcomed by me since I am female and have been waiting forever for the Doctor to become female (pretty much since the first time they mentioned that Timelords sometimes can change genders after they regenerate).

ExCuUuUuUuUuSe YOU! I am offended by this statement! You take that back right now! Doctor Who is not Doctor Who without the Doctor! You can’t just “kill the Doctor off and replace him”! Dear Lord! *silently murmurs judgmentally*


He’s had more than his allowed generations anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, no spoilers in case they find a loop-hole for this later in my current season.


My lips are sealed. I’m still waiting for a friend to catch up on season 10 too, so I’m used to not saying a word about what I know. lol


Hold up. You said you were in Capaldi’s ‘arc’? Then you should already know why. Silly, GLaDoSauR.

That shit happened multiple seasons ago, when Smith was still the Doctor.


Watched a playthrough of Little Nightmares. Glad I did not buy that. Ending was displeasing to me.


@SledgePainter Not mine, but totally awesome. I love charcoal pieces



I only hope she acts like a man and gets really confused about being a woman all of a sudden. That would be humorous.

Just a little bit of every episode where the doc is just like, “oh yeah, I don’t have that anymore…”


After listening to so many famous pieces from it, I long to see Wagner’s epic four-opera series, “The Ring.” Wagner’s style is among my favorite of all, whether it was operatic, symphonic or jazz.


Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!



Worth remembering that “classic who” was at a time well before women were respected in society as actors. If a woman had a main role it was almost exclusively to be as soft titillation or an on demand damsel in distress. It’s arguable that in that sense Dr Who was already one of the more progressive shows in the little ways it did break out of this format (very little ways). The notion of saying “Originally it was X” without understanding the context of the time that the creation was being written, produced and funded is only really looking at half the story. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend watching the recent dramatisation of the creation of Dr Who that was made, very informative of the time and therefore the kinds of non-creative decisions being made.


Awwwwwww, why?


Eh for canon it doesn’t really matter about the context of the time. Canon is canon unless the author/owners change things and become more/less progressive over time.

Context applies when you want the non-story reasons for why something was like that. Which I don’t think is really necessary in the “Originally it was X” scenario.