Say Something Random 5.2


I still don’t regret it. While I adored Splatoon almost as much as playing Evolve, I just can’t justify buying a Switch for all of 1 game.


But but but…


Mario Odyssey:



You need it!! You need it, you need it, you need it, you need it…


You forgot to mention the new Xenoblade Chronicles


Nice crossover fanart i found.


Those Overwatchers don’t stand a chance. :stuck_out_tongue:


Overwatchers don’t have the emperor, therefore the Spaise Mahreens win by default.


All sorts of good animations via Rick and Morty



Do you even know how rare those things are? sob


The Mummy movie was really nice @w@
Quite a few surprises as well >.<

Hands down, I think an undead chick is quite hot for me


The undead chic is the same chic that played the evil chic with the spikey stilts in Kingsman: The Secret Service. She’s also gonna be in Atomic Blonde. Just a heads up… lol


… Thanks for the heads up Linger :>

Kingsman was good too. I haven’t of Atomic Blonde yet though o.o


Just watched Akame Ga Kill!, Angel Beats and Your Lie In April on top of each other. Didn’t even shed a tear. Does that make me a monster?

@Kai The darkin is winning :fearful:


Wait, what do you mean? o.O

Also, plastic memories is what I cried on o/
Guilty Crown too for a bit


That was a pun on Kayn. -_- The darkin’s supposed to be evil, right?

You baka baka


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! >.<"
My bad ^^;

I actually thought there was some kind of event where they monitor which side of Kayn wins more >_<"

Also, you’re the baka baka >…>


Riot never announced such a thing. At least, yet. [Hoping Intensifies]



Bit late for one now >.<"
At least we did get the icon missions :>


Yup… sigh

Got them both! Quite the letdown for such a cool champ though. Kayn’s “Potential” will never be realized.


That was a referance to Kayn’s quotes when he takes an Ace. You didn’t understand, did you. Humph


Haha lol. I can actually get a Switch whenever I want to if I really want it. I kinda have an in with somebody that can acquire one for me if I say the word, which is also why I didn’t feel that bad about getting rid of mine. I just…I see a lot of issues with the device working for me technically speaking, like I’ve had with the Wii U. But largely like most things, it would be a solo experience for me. Yes there’s the few times I could get together with you or other forumites but mainly it’d be just me. I don’t have anyone interested in playing say Snipperclips with. I couldn’t play it on the road or at Grandma’s house because…wi-fi is not fully a thing out here or there. If this was back in my college days…yeah I’d probably be all over it but…I think I prefer my 3DS.


We still haven’t been able to procure a Nintendo Switch. x.x