Say Something Random 5.2


What did I tell you bout mornings boy


It’s not good. It’s awful.

  • I have to back up all my shit on the PC.
  • I have to buy a new OS.
  • Do a full system reinstall.
  • Install new OS.
  • Install all games again and apps.
  • Take my phone in for repairs as it will not charge properly
  • Be sad for a good few hours while I can’t play any games or draw on my tablet
  • Contemplate su- sushi, I hate sushi.
  • Stuff.
    Today sucks.


First world problems ouo


I only listen to real people not tigers


Sorry to hear Gives huggle dun worry everything will be okay


100 euros just spontaneously combisted in my pocket. :frowning:





Yeah you tell him delicious looking fox person!


I approve of this GIF. I approve of any SnK GIF. #TitanSoccer



I can respect this. But why do you have to contemplate it?


The people in the back lmao :joy:


That’s what my dad did to my mom’s new pc

Then he uses the back up device for me and @LorenTheGinger pc…i like me pc, i miss me pc :sob:


Why do you have to buy a new OS? What did you have before and why can THAT not be re-installed?

I have a lot of jump drives I back my crap up on…I really need to buy am external hard drive I can just plug in and back my stuff up on. But the good news is at least you CAN back up your stuff…tedious but doable, so you lose nothing.

Technology isn’t always the greatest thing, but I have to say having an IPad as a back-up has saved me more than once when my PC decided to not work for me. I can use the internet and play various games on it in the meantime while dealing with my PC. If you can invest in an IPad Pro + Apple Pencil, with a good drawing app, you will have a gaming/art device as a back-up that you can also take anywhere on the go.

I know you don’t hate sushi…I know what you meant to say. I don’t approve; you must keep fighting.



Going to see me cousins today >~<
Gonna be gucci :>


I’m going to see my family too! (And hopefully go to the Amelia Earhart festival)

  • Already seen Charlotte and Angel Beats. Both really good shows. Didn’t cry though because of the heartless bastard that i am

  • I will pretty much watch anything except Harem right now. not in the mood to turn my brain off.



Stay safe on your trip Linger o/"

~naps before we go~