Say Something Random 5.2


Well, she doesn’t really depend on me really. Now that she’s 20 now.

I keep looking at old videos of her as a baby. Reee. So small and cute… trying to eat random objects. I miss those days.



That game seriously just crashed on the last turn when I was going to win, and get whatever the win streak bonus is… Fucking Hell.



Fuck paparazzis I like Keanu more now.


Watch Charlotte! Same creator of Angel Beats.

Watch AB first. It’ll prepare you slightly for the feels Charlotte will pound into your soul.




whats your flavor?


-sees @Hal0-



Don’t forget Akame Ga KILL! .
That one is badass.


I find the weirdest gifs sometimes.




It’s super sad coming back to a game that you used to love and seeing how absolutely dead it is.

aaaaaaaaaaaand the only populated server near me has a try-hard asshole in it… yay


I miss Hyde.


Add these to your list.

Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Mobile Suit Gundam

After watching Gundam, immediately watch “Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team” and have your mind blown by the quality.


Why you no work gif!? It works if you click it…


Hyde would not appreciate you feeling down about it me thinks.


hyde would start talkin all funny but we wouldn’t understand what he was saying but it’d sound kinda nice and stuff or he’d yell about flames and fucking and faces


I’d understand. <3


Good morning everyone