Say Something Random 5.2


Like? And why? Literally a girl friend of mine just throws names at me that I need to watch (according to her)


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Anybody got more? Only 2 on that list i haven’t seen
[/quote]Attack on Titan?


Read the manga and watched the anime.


If I were to recommend a starter anime list, I would have to include Dragon Ball/Z/Super. Just too good.

But less ‘anime veteran’ anime, mostly.
-Hellsing Ultimate
-One Punch Man
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (the movies, not the show)

Pretty short, but really good stuff. If you want action, those are some of the best. They also don’t rely on you having watched other stuff to get trope-based jokes or emotional investment.

Obviously, that’s a super good list, but I wouldn’t personally just start with most of those. Except Soul Eater. That was my first non-DB, non-Naruto anime and I loved the hell out of it. Still one of my favorites. Death Note might be really good to start with, too.

I dunno. Just preference, but I always find that people who start with anime from 2015+ tend to like it less than people who watch older stuff first. (One Punch Man being one of the few exceptions)





This is my personal favorite series.


I had a dream I adopted five babies. What is going on.


You want kids. Duh.

For a doctor that should have been a simple question. Silly Katt.


Why five though?


Maybe you want 5 kids. I want to have 4 myself, and my sister wants like 6.

Perhaps it’s just your magic number.


I actually only want two. Elizabeth and Miharu.


I grew up with 3 siblings. Couldn’t imagine having fewer than that, honestly, and I remember how much fun I had with them growing up and I want to give mah kids that same opportunity.


Maybe you already have a goalie and need 2 defence and 3 forwards for your hockey team?


Not necessarily. It could mean she just wants love, or to feel more in control…or that things are starting to get out of control…however the dream went.


I mean, I knew she wanted children lmfao

Was just messing with her.


Have control over five little babies? XP


Control…as in, the babies have none, so you need to meet their needs and have that control in your life. Perhaps they symbolize your desire to have others need you in a deep and complete way. Just a thought. It could also mean you’re losing control because obviously 5 babies means chaos…but a dream doesn’t always mean what the obvious is.


Huh. I actually did like that my daughter depended so much on me when she was younger. She needed me.


And now that she’s older, she’s pretty much becoming an adult. Could be.