Say Something Random 5.2


Lol I’m not sure I’m surprised most of the android card games I see with people in them are like that too.

Lol that first one has panties for her bikini


Funny enough, it’s not a card game. Not really.

Hard to describe how the gameplay is, but the cards are just the character art in the Servant profiles. They have sprites and stuff in-game for fightin.


☆Screams☆ SO COOL. Any other Godzilla news!?


Yeah I figured it wasn’t a card game cause it had the go at the end.


Oh, that stands for “Grand Order”. ‘Fate/Grand Order’ the the title. Just shortening it.


Oooo I thought it was like pokemon go


Nope. That would be hilarious, though.

Running around and catching slutty women with magic powers instead of pokemon.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kek


How are they slutty though!? They’re dressing up indecent. Gawd.


Those qualify as a bit more than just indecent. Just a bit. The only actual clothing one of them is wearing is fucking blue pantsu and baggy sleeves. So lewd!



Jk ovo


I mean, I would have zero complaints if women decided to walk around with almost no clothes on.


Most guys do it in the summer. :rolling_eyes:


You should live in the South. People do that all the way to late fall, too.

I mean, not that I complain. You see women wearing bikini tops as often as men without shirts.


Yeah! A Mothra temple!





When your mom feeds you pizza for breakfast. Smh.


Good o’le reaction image post.


You forgot