Say Something Random 5.2


Bowser is just performing to hide the true criminal, Princess Peach


I haven’t played SSB since it was on the n64…


~time travels to next year?~

Morning all :’>


Destroying with Kayn. I just went 35/1/6. They called me a hacker. Lil’ scrubs >.>


I thought you lived in the Philippines?


Naw he’s Philippino but he lives in the UK


I am awake, g’morning.


King Ghidorah teaser for Godzilla: King of the Monsters


No ur not throws alarm clock at gogo


Yes I am

-catches alarm clock and crushes it-


Narp alarm clock was full of sleep gas


-deeply inhales-

I put an antidote to sleep gas in my blood last night >:^)


Well I replaced all your blood with chihuahua blood while you slept so too bad.


And I replaced all YOUR blood with wasp venom while you were awake so ha


Huh, so that’s why I feel all tingly inside.



Welp I’m either gonna die or become a super villain so I’m good either way


Good morning everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


IT’S NOT MORNING SINCE I HAVE NOT GONE TO BED YET beats max to deat with an alarm clock

That’s a picture of me just before I finish him off


Fate-GO is probably 75% exposed skin (or general sluttiness)