Say Something Random 5.2


the Hitler honestly looks so life like though, if i didn’t know it was a drawing i’d assume it to be an actual picture!


Spot the difference:


Someone make an actual Five Nights at Freddy pizza diner complete with animatronics please…Disney, I’m looking at you.


the bottom one doesn’t have a trex and it’s lower quality.


see no difference, why the double post of the same image?


Does anyone else notice that the creatures of Evolve are somewhat similar to those on Pandora? That does it…I need to make a Pandoran Daisy!


Russel t Davies almost made me stop watching doctor who altogether. The only thing keeping me watching was the occassional moffat episode.


Oh, hell nah! Doctor Who and FNAF (and probably iRobot as well) have taught me to fear anything humanoid or humanoid-esque and not alive. :upside_down_face:


Disney just recently, (like a month or so ago?) filed for a patent on this:

It supposedly is all about anti-crushing technology for a life-size animatronic toy?


Don’t get me wrong, I like Moffat. They both have their strengths and weaknesses as writers like anybody else. I just liked Davies better. ¯|(ツ)|¯


That’s it, I’m moving to Mars. I was cool with Baymax 'cause he was a cartoon, but nope!



This is a good question…



Huh destiny 2 on PC will be available exclusively through Battlenet


I’m afraid to read any of the resultant mess of that thread.


The top answer was they liked playing with their dick so they figured they’d like other peoples dicks.


Dude…what? :joy: