Say Something Random 5.2


You should start with older stuff, honestly. Matt Smith (which is the one I assume she showed you) was extremely goofy and the writing, though fun, had a lot of nonsense in it.

Christopher Eccleston spent some time as the Doctor years ago, and he did it damn well. The episodes were solid and didn’t rely on you being a mega-fan to make sense of it. That carries into David Tennant’s years as the Doctor, as well.

Starting at the beginning is way better.

Also, the Angels are fucking awesome. Some of my favorite villains in television.

As a side-note, you didn’t have Rose Tyler as your first Companion and I feel bad for you. She was such a fun one.


Is Rose the one dating the guy that becomes a Roman Centurion? Like he loses his memory or some BS?


Nope. That’s Amy Pond. The guy is Rory.

Rose >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Amy


Oh okay.

When I say she showed me a few episodes, I mean we watched like 20 of them from several different seasons.

Some episodes were pretty okay. Other episodes made me shout at the TV.


It does too make sense! It makes Moffat sense… (of whom, btw, won’t be a part of Doctor Who next season. It made better sense and was written better imo when it was Russell T. Davies, but lol wat can u do? ¯|(ツ)|¯)


Ugggh…MGE is probably the most toxic thing about TF2


Yeah, I wanna say to start with older stuff. It’s not necessarily better, but a lot of it is less silly. As Doctor Who has gotten more popular, it’s gotten way more “meta”. They toned it down with the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi.


what is dis


Some of those episodes make zero sense. Even my wife who has seen all of them religiously said they really didn’t.


It’s a mod in TF2 that’s designed to help improve your aim. Players are dropped into a 1v1 scenario.

But some people just…ugh. They’re so rude even if you don’t do anything to them.


I tend to able to pick up on very small details in storylines and carry them with me in my mind forever so that when/if they’re cashed in, I tend to understand where it came from and how it came to be. But even still, I do agree that some of the episodes in Doctor Who are random af. lol However, I still quite like the random episodes, I can’t tell you why, by I do.


I just don’t see the appeal. I’m glad you can enjoy it though.


To each their own. ^.^



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