Say Something Random 5.2


The Greeks would probably be okay with anyone fucking it considering how their mythos goes… :joy:


I meant it figuratively. The review page for this final is 65 pages long.



Fuck wait wrong era



There are few greater joys in life than a top quality taco.


Tacos are the backbone of our purpose in this world.


My graduation party is gonna have a taco buffet. :3


Hey, guess who’s comming up! Denis Brogniart!


A GIF truly worthy of @Hillbilly_Deathlord


Lol. It’s just a small wedding, nothing too crazy.


It’s a 100% french gif, from a french Youtube poop and GIFed by me as a french.
Here’s the original video if you want (click me if you dare)…well…good luck trying to understant the stupidity of this poop, and it’s one of the best poops in France apparently.


Guys i have a serious question that totally wasn’t stolen from an Askreddit thread.

You can teleport an adult T-Rex into any location in history. Where do you place it to cause the most chaos? -Wazula42


Serious answer that totally wasn’t stolen from the top comments of a Askreddit thread:


It will be fine then. Don’t stress over it. :slight_smile:

Me and my wife had everything planned in a day and we had over 50 people show up.



Dammit! I’m conflicted!
The Idea of the gif is hilarious but my hatred of Dr. Who makes me despise it.


If I may ask, what makes you hate Doctor Who?




Mostly the logic. My wife showed me a few episodes because she really likes it.

At one point in the episode, all hope was lost but suddenly without any explanation the Dr explains something that makes literally zero sense. This then happens in all three episodes she showed me.

Dr Who could be good. It has promising moments. Its just a series of random events with a nonsensical ending.

The Angels were kind of a cool concept though.

Edit: At the end of it when I said it didn’t make sense, she started telling me about how it ties into some episode from the 50s or something and that episode has information that makes this episode make sense. That doesn’t work. YOU NEED CONTEXT.