Say Something Random 5.2


Alright all you console gamers I need a fun game for my mother that doesn’t require much skill. She has an Xbone so no ps4 exclusives. Basically any FPS is out btw she still hasn’t beat the Division’s tutorial but she gave up on that after a few days


Uh it says you’re the most frequent poster unless you’re talkin about what someone else said?


Easy? Then Minecraft.



Good suggestion ty blue



It doesn’t say it on the normal thingie outside of this thread. Might just be on my side though


Eh! Me face I there! … or a minimalist cartoon version of me face is there anyway…


Wait, so that isn’t your face!?/gasp


Wait! Um shit uh IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK fuck I SWEAR!


might be based on recent frequent posters? Or it might be totes random idfk



Oh okay. Glad we cleared that up.



Hey that’s me on there! Feels special


Bought my tickets for Alien: Covenant on opening night!


ech all my hosts keep on dying >.>


Eh! It’s me faceish again!

Unlike me face…


My cat likes to stare at things like they make her sad. Like my door. Or her food dish. Or my bed.

What’s the matter cat? Why do you look so sad!?


I would be sad too if I was a cat.