Say Something Random 5.2


Welcome to the “Say Something Random 5.2” topic. In an effort to provide a mostly fun and care-free topic to share your best memes, lolz, and gifs we are instituting a few additional rules to the SSR topic:

  1. No political based discussions or posts of any kind allowed. They will be flagged and removed. This is a fun/off topic topic so let’s keep it that way.
  2. No gore/porn/bodily ablutions/etc you know this wouldn’t be allowed anywhere else on the forum.
  3. In addition to the above ALL other forum rules apply.
  4. Have fun and keep the dank memes flowing.

Say Something Random 5.1

First!!! Seems unclear


Screaming violently


Yay third! :smiley:


This is the REAL SSR 5.
5.1 was actually 4.4




check this out


That’s not creepy or anything…



are you angry with me


At first it was a little gif, but now it’s a big gif.

Make up your mind, Mountain.




Beat Diablo 3 with muh wizard. ouo

☆Shoots out electricity☆


When you wanted to be the last post in the ssr but you were taking a test



Why is the caption wrong :’(


Now that’s the sign of a true soccer player in the making.