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I think you’re spelling ‘Abe’ wrong, friend. Too many letters and none of them are right.


Abe might be cooler but harpoon >>>>>stasis


Huh, that’s a weird way to spell Crow.


I like Maggie. :upside_down:

Abe and griffin are also both very awesome.


Quoted from Smogon

The Uber tier is based solely on the power of the Pokemon present within it. Pokemon in this tier are considered to be too powerful to participate in the standard metagame. Note that no Pokemon is banned from competing with those in the Uber tier. The result is a “free-for-all” metagame with no restrictions on which Pokemon may participate.

There aren’t dozens of Uber-tier non-legendary Pokemon. Sure, you can breed them stronger in-game because Legendaries are acquired at a set level, one that is usually high, this limiting traditional EV training, but if we’re talking about a simulator, like “Showdown” where all Pokemon are given equal opportunity for proper IVs and all are allowed max EVs, then the difference between OU and Uber widens considerably.

Of course, if we are discussing legendaries like Zapdos, Registeel, etc. Then of course there are dozens that are a great deal better. But those legendaries are OU, not Uber.

You wouldn’t believe the number of OU teams I got pitted against in Ubers matchmaking. A lot of egos deflated there, let me tell you.


Fucking typos hold on


If it’s any form of ethos, I had a brief stint in Gen 5 as a competitive Ubers player. Won some ladders, lost some.


Ok, but how about in the actual scope of playing the game? And when accounting for “legendaries” you have to account for every legendary. The vast majority are fairly disappointing.

Why in the hell would someone simulate optimal stats? Of-fucking-course the normally-boosted legendaries would be stronger in the scenario. However, in the scope of the game of Pokemon (within the actual game itself), legendary Pokemon are not truly optimal, making them a worse average pick than something tailored through training.


As I said, in the actual game, even Legendaries that are viable in Ubers are gimped because of being available at generally high levels, which in turn gimps their EV training, their toughness to catch may wear down on trainers looking for perfect IVs and Nature given its random tendencies, so overall they’re just a lot harder to perfect without genuine commitment and, in most cases, provide lower ended results.

I did address this, though. You said that dozens of Pokemon outclass legendaries in every way. Not OU legendaries, like Zapdos and Entei which are genuinely average, but Uber Legendaries (Rayquaza, P-Groudon) as well, and this ‘takes [Ubers] down a peg.’ And I gave my counterarguents.

Probably to cut down on time. A little over 18,000 players are currently enjoying it quite a bit, with a little over 2,300 battles currently going on. The cost of convenience is the heart and journey that comes with actually training your pokemon. But, if you’re like me, a legendary enthusiast, you’ll want as fair a chance as everyone else. Why gimp myself when I can go somewhere where my Pokemon of choice are given the same chance as the ones you breed?

EDIT: Hell, I’d say its to make everything as ‘equal’ as possible. A stronger test of strategy. Two teams of completely optimal Pokemon. Victory decided on the raw stats and strategy, rather than the time you yourself devote.

I feel like I was agreeing with this when I said in my first response to you that the game gimps Legendaries. Hence why I brought up the simulator - if given equal opportunity, the Ubers-viable Legendaries are still considerably stronger.


I’d post that one, but that’s on my other PC



Guess what?



Most memes on my phone are Jojo memes…


So anyone else hyped for Zaschitniki at the end of the month???


Saw the trailer ages ago thought it looked cool but if it doesn’t get an english dub I’ll probably never end up watching it.


I feel, I feel.


Watched two episodes so far. Season 4 is already better than 3 but jesus do I hate the new art style. I know its supposed to look like late 90s but ugh that’s a time I was hoping to not revisit in art style.


The art style reaches its peak at part 7, part seven is absolutely gorgeous. Part 4 is where he was trying out the newer art style. Part 5 is a good example of it (part 5 is garbage but well drawn). Six is a good use of this signature art style.

Seven really is a masterpiece and a maximum use of this style.


Good. I’m glad they are phasing out the cheek bones thing.