Say Something Random 5.1


I’m taking Legendary Godzilla’s roar, then!

Do inform me when you finish basic, we can swap storieeeessss and gossip.


Nah. I just lost all respect for my generation of “soldiers” most of which are some of the most arrogant and worthless people I have ever met.


Legendary has such a good roar. I remember first hearing it in the trailer and thinking it was a perfect, badass ‘modernized’ Godzilla roar.


A few bad apples ruin the bunch, trust me. Some of the scummiest beings I’ve met were during my military career.


Definitely will do! I leave in 3 days, so it’ll only be like 70 days after that when I get my phone back.

I suppose that’s understandable. I’ve met a ton of asshole members of the military. Didn’t really ruin a whole generation for me, but if you meet enough, that could certainly do it.


@TrickshotMcgee I have lost far to many friends because of it. Marines in my experience are the worst.

I have been in my fair share of fights (3 actual fist fights) with a few marines who thought they were tough shit in my time.

One of them kept bragging about how he would kick my ass because of his “training”. I ended up dislocating his arm. He WAS a good friend before that.


Yeah, every Marine I’ve met outside of the Recruiters have been borderline psychopaths. I dislike Marines on principle, simply because that’s part of their job.


Enjoy it.

Enjoy showering by yourself. Enjoy eating as slowly as you wish. Enjoy the fact that you don’t pull fireguard yet.

Maybe earlier if you get a phone call or pass.

Probably some guy who finished basic and thought he was tough shit, lol.


Oh, I know. I have already mastered showering quickly and shaving in less than 2 minutes.

when that happens I’ll be calling my family before I check the forums lmao


I think I ended up saying the cheesiest fucking line in my life at him too.

Before he took a swing at me he said something like “I’m a marine mother fucker” and after we were done I just said “you aint shit to me” and left the party. lol

I ended up laughing about it on the way home.

People need to seriously stop and figure out that military training does no prepare you for a fight. I have done hard manual labor my whole life and 5 years of Muay Thai. I’m going to hurt you if you try to fight me.



We constantly tell privates not to start fights over HBL (Holiday Block Leave) Just because you did combatives one doesn’t mean you’re He-man.


Now do it in the dark.


Navy and airforce are cool in my book though. They are usually pretty chill.

I really wanted to join the navy back in high school. That’s what got me started in martial arts actually. I wanted to be as fit as possible going in to make boot easier. at the time I was running 10 miles a day plus I was doing free hand cliff climbing.

I wish I was still in that shape. I am getting pretty strong again thanks to picking up woodworking. My damn shoulders look like a bodybuilders but my belly looks like I drank a keg.


Yeah, I wasn’t in shape during kindergarten through middle school. Hated it.

Why didn’t you join?


Too many medical issues. :confused:
My health started going down hill my senior year. My freshman year of college I had to drop out and I had to quit kickboxing as well.

dying makes achieving dreams difficult.


The picture in the paper is also funny.


Cyberpuuuuunk cities for scifi or european countryside for fantasy.

you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure about that?

do you not know what a civilian is?


It’s sad that it works…