Say Something Random 5.1


As is a militaryman and anyone in any form of law enforcement or protection.


I was a military dependent for 15 1/2 years. I’m only kind of a civilian.


This is me in every game where I can change my appearance with like a vanity slot




You haven’t been sworn in yet though. Reeeee.


Yes I have.

That’s the last thing you do after MEPS before they tell you to go home. I’ve been sworn in and had a signed contract for 10 months now.




You call that a screech?

HERE’S a screech!


I can’t discuss politics anymore. This saddens me dearly.


But they are also civilians of their respective country so its sort of dumb to not call them that.


Civilian is a term used for non-military/police.

You might be thinking of ‘citizen’.


Hmmm… I’m not sure then. I guess you’re a trainee right now. Or still a civilian. Or a soldier. It could go either way.


Probably because a lot of people would get out of hand. Can’t trust everybody to keep a level head, especially in this day and age.


The term for that is just Recruit.


Whoa there, I’m not trying to sound like Big G. D;
Though, I’d love to be able to roar like him…


Oh I know exactly why, I’m just very dissapointed. I’m so engrossed in politics right now that I’ve done nothing but debate. So much going on. Need someone to talk with about it.


as much as I despise part 5 it has probably my favorite stand design.


Trainee/Recruit/Maggot it’s all the same. Oh right, I should warn you that my advice was coming from an Army background, I have no idea what basic is like for the Navy…


We all would like to. Although, if I had to pick personal favorites, or just roars that would be reasonable given how I sound when I talk

G’1954 and G’1984 would probably be the roars I’d have. I’d use Shin’s form though :sweat_smile:


They have a fairly similar metric. I knew that it was different, so there was some interpretation.

I do really appreciate that you tried, though :stuck_out_tongue: