Say Something Random 5.1


</>>Joining the Navy, tyvm.



Oh… I thought you were joining the army. Oh well.


@Mr_Popo is missed </3



Ha! Gay!

Bad joke about all navy personnel being gay.



All these gay jokes and all I can say is…


“Man-Sogynist”? Did you just assume my gender? What the hell is wrong with you! How dare you! I’ll have you know, I identify as both human, being male and female, along with identifying as an Orca whale.


Seeing as how I got flagged for saying gay, probably shouldn’t say it. Even though it’s one of my favorite words…


When’s he coming back?


They wouldn’t let me join.

Also I think the term civilian to those not in the military is sort of wrong. They are also civilians.


What the hell is wrong with you? I sexually identify as a male human-Godzilla-Xenomorph-Batman-Deathclaw and my preferred pronounce are pe, pis, pim and pey


Depends on context.


dunno, he never said or I forgot.

good music viddy


I’ve begun developing tumors in my brain. You win.


You can’t beat me when I already have tumors in my brain! In fact, my brain IS the tumor!


Well shit. @TrickshotMcgee I’m gonna go through that door the wizard opened up.


Guess that sucks for you.


Something keeps quoting me but I can’t see it. Oh well.

A person who is not a member of the military or of a police or firefighting force is a civilian.


This touches me on a spiritual level.


Yuppers. It’s super g- not good.