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Sort of like Future The Last of Us?


No, more like stranded on an alien planet that hasn’t been explored by mankind, but used to harbor intelligent life, but still has life.


My kind of favorite place in video games are alien/futuristic/space like areas because of the universe’s beauty and possible creativities. In fact, I love everything related to the universe, space, planets and such because the universe is infinite and full of surprises, we might even know a very few of the universe’s physics.


So like the intelligent has left and the animals have reclaimed?

I can get down with that.


More like the intelligent life had died out (or has it? muhahaha) and yes nature came back.
But not in the way it should have.


They’ve done it to Fur Elise, and hip hop Moonlight Sonata is playing now.

Three act play and the first two acts were 45 minutes and 50 minutes respectively. It’s mildly amusing but not hilarious. The accents were hard to pick up on at first, one of the leads needs a bit of diction work. Odd choice to make the lead, Jack Worthing, a male role, use an actress instead of an actor. You could tell from the voice immediately that it was a woman. They likely didn’t have enough men actually auditioning for the main roles but overall this is coming off to me as a 7/10 production. Not bad, not fantastic.


I don’t know if I could set through that with the music. lol


It’s only during the waiting for things to get going, I.e. stage transitions.

The actual play itself has no music at ALL. Which…Perhaps I am spoiled. Every play I have been to has had a musical pit which I felt added to the experience but this has no music whatsoever.


So they are just ruining good music for no reason?!


Agreed. I definitely wish there were more dark levels in games, so long as there’s a way to see that you aren’t dropping off of a cliff but the rest is simply terrifying. It really opens up those levels to have amazing sound design.

I think it’s hard to do those levels well, though. Too many horror games try and miserably fail to deliver the suspense that comes with darkness (I can kinda excuse indie games because of the nature of their creation, but professional games do it too and that’s just a sin). I think it’s also just too easy to overdo, and not enough people focus on sound design to make it truly creepy and instead focus on the jump scare options that darkness offers, even if it’s unreasonable to do.

I think that can work well, depending on the gameplay you want. Fast-paced sprinting in a really pretty environment takes away from the environment being pretty. A sci-fi game based on exploration of the unknown planet can be baller as hell. Subnautica, as case in point. But if you’re going for an FPS, a beautiful, unknown planet would be a waste for that.

Also, this setting you described is shockingly like something I wrote couple years ago. It was post-human mass extinction and it was gonna have some exposition about humans being manufactured as a species and the planets belonged to their progenitors, who experimented in genetic exploitation and creation of monsters that eventually killed them all. Spurned creation kills the creator and all that. Kinda like what Prometheus did, but better and without a disappointingly predictable ending, and I wrote it before that movie came out.

Had a ton of scripts and shit, as well as a multi-planet system mapped out that had planets with different environments for different laboratories and creatures. Was a full exploration-based RPG with a touch of action and small amounts of creepy shit. The people I was working on it with were asshats. Even had some of the more basic programming and art done for it.


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Oh yeah no. Humans are alive and better than ever. If you don’t count the war that the protagonist was going to fight in.


I mean, there were humans. Just not a lot of them. Maybe 1/5 of the population survived. I’d have to check the notes if I still have them, but it’s was basically humanity royally fucking up and running into space because of that fuck-up. Then they basically live there and after a few centuries they stumble onto some fuckin weird planets and decide to explore them. The entire planet was supposed to be explore-able, too. There’d be a plot and points on the planet that give you story, as well as a distinct end to the game.




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You heard it, meatloaf.



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I know. It’s terrifying.