Say Something Random 5.1


Played them all at the same time lol


Nope, just fan art. Still neat though.


Ashe’s Follow that Aram!


Grah. I lost my reset for Monster hunters. Fml.



Feeling pretty shitty


What’s wrong?



Why is Cee Lo Green so weak?



I have found it. The funniest video on YouTube.


He’s got great power and durability. But beyond that he basically sucks.


I have never been so blatantly lied to as I have now. It was meh. Some of the deaths were moderately amusing, but that’s pretty much it.

IMO the guy’s not really a good entertainer, he’s just a normal guy who acts like a normal guy would. And, while I appreciate that more than most, it’s kind of a detriment to the video that’s supposed to be a compilation of deaths that would be infuriating. Operating under the assumption he was playing for over an hour to have this many deaths, it didn’t include much personality aside from the fact that he’s pretty normal.


Mood and the ribs are sore


FTFY :wink:

I like him because he doesn’t let his personality take center stage over the actual gameplay. Or…lack thereof. He’s a calm guy and that’s a nice change of pace for me.



I would figure that that would make him a stellar wall. Very defensive player, meant to stand still and just take a beating while dishing out attacks.

Shit tier.


Well that’s also something I’ve enjoyed a number of times, myself. But the video itself is kind of boring. It’s not just low-key personality, there’s none in the video at all, really. Average Joes can be fun to watch, but you watch streams and lets Plays because of the human aspect, and it didn’t feel like there was much of any of that at all. If there had been no camera or voice, not much about the compilation would change.

And I’ve never seen the his videos/streams, so I can’t speak any about him as an entertainer, but that specific video is pretty dull for anyone not familiar with the guy.


Meh. To each their own.


FTFY :smiley: