Say Something Random 5.1



Plant a Dogwood tree…duh



Here you go. My brainchild of the better part of 3 months.

Hope you guys enjoy it.



Death to Smoochy movie ref. Look up on YouTube Death to Smoochy Cookie and you’ll understand, hehehe.


Whoa, on the autobahn?! I can only imagine the speeds they were traveling! Bravo Tesla guy!




Alright, a QuickQuestion:
Death Blossom Kha’Zix or Mecha Kha’Zix?
Throw it quick, gonna buy one



death blossom.



Guardian of the sands Kha Zix :^)

But really, between those 2 I would’ve gone for Mecha.
Death Blossom is pretty and all but I like the robot with killer protocols >~<


What is that?


If anyones intertested in the Pewdiepie thing that’s been going on lately


saw it already.

good response.

wonder how the media will misrepresent this one.


I’ll watch it later, usually when I get bored (Which is normal)


I have to agree with him on how the media has always tried to show him in a negative light, that’s just sad. :confused:




I was disappointed with J.K. Rowling’s response too, it seems she was just reading headlines and reposting it based on that. Since she’s got a lot of influence, she’s seemingly making it worse


I actually support pewdiepie and I have been loving his recent videos. The one that got him in trouble is probably the best video he has made in a year.