Say Something Random 5.1


people are animals


Yeah but we are weird ones.

Personally I’m pretty strange. I don’t really see anything inherently sexual about nudity. I also have no problem with being nude in front of others either. Not really sure why we are so disconnected from nature.

I just got accused of “mansplaining” when I was asked a question and then answered it…


Dark chocolate tastes bad so I agree with the brit but Murica beats the brits imo.



It’s 3 1/2 minutes of screaming with like 10 seconds of awesome


Just watched. My notes: Cadbury is a god.

Peanut butter is one of the greatest foods of all time and I find it really strange that other countries don’t eat it.

Spotted dick looks okay, funny name.

I always wanted to try a Yorkshire pudding. I plan on making one eventually.

Dark chocolate is the devil

Tea is life. Coffee is also the devil.


Has raisins it must be erased from history!


Raisins are fine. I quite like them. I certainly imagine it would make dick, spotted or not, taste better.



I’d rather eat a dick than a raisin.



Oh my god the Onion made a hilarious video about peanut allergies and the number of butthurt people in the comments is astounding.

I have a food allergy and I thought it was hilarious.


Box Car Racer just had their first facebook post in three years and I find it hard not to legit cry I’m so excited for a potential reunion.


If you saw who played Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5, then you already know that Quiet’s appearance is 100% taken from her actress (Stefanie Joosten).

That’s a cool idea. Let’s take my appearance and make a character! Yes, I’d make a good-looking character, I am as cool-looking as a European, as cute-looking as an Asian, in fact, I am currently wearing a striped shirt and have a cap like Ness.

Edit: What do you all think I’d make based on my description, and what kind of character you’d make that resembles you?


Context is the enemy. All I want to know about this scene is that it exists.



Gundam is always good.





ok i downloaded evolve how to find matches i have been in matchmaking for about 3 hours :slight_smile:


That’s just the playerbase dude, barely anyone plays the game anymore. It’s either going to be Coop v AI or U v AI (U = You)


Was just reading the toxic posts by Shunty in her “Weekly News Updates” that never re-opened after she asked the mods to close it (thank God), I’d like to thank you @DarKastlez and @Lady_Stoneheart for rationally arguing with her and keeping the forums clean from toxic posts.