Say Something Random 5.1


I wish Russia was not always so…brash.

Ironically, I am 25% Russian.


There is this stray cat that’s been hanging around my own cat for the last few weeks and his balls are massive


A lot of old Imperial German marches sounded rather good too.

Note this isn’t Nazi music, this dates back way before Hitler even thought of coming into power. This is Prussian music commemorating a victory over Austria at the battle of Konnigratze.


I really don’t understand how peanut butter isnt a thing in Europe…

It’s only one of the greatest foods ever.



Why would you show catballs on these forums. My teen eyes are broken. Why


They’re good cats max.


This got a serious laugh out of me.

Because of this:




I’m still laughing. lol



There’s an easy fix to this, but I have just two questions: can you locate his tea stash and, if so, would it be at all possible for you to meet me with it at the nearest harbor?


Caved in and bought DLC for Dark Souls 3.


This scene still gives me goosebumps. Is that sad, or is it just still that awesome?

(Yeah, it’s just awesome.)


Someone buy me the whole DBZ series and I will love you long time.



get that off of here capt… so below you


Eh. I thought it was funny.


I see no issue with mammalian genitalia being shared on these forums.

/kappa intensifies


Well it is an animal and I don’t know anyone that complains about animals being nude… lol