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Oh, I know some of the original descriptions. I just also know that the myths can vary through the thousands of years. And saying one is universally ‘right’ and one is flat ‘wrong’ is simply incorrect thinking.

“Correct” is a relative term for something that didn’t exist. And strictly speaking, there’s nothing to say there aren’t different kinds of Chimera, if they WERE to have been real. Just like there are different kinds of animals like today.

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He prefers things that are somewhat similar to genitalia, though he makes use of all anatomy. His concept art for the Alien makes that pretty obvious. He’s a big fan of sexual yet surreal themes


Still waiting for Hollow Rhyme and Scorn to come out, 2 of my most anticipated games of 2017

Both developers said Q1 2017, we’re Q2 and still no release date yet, and worst of all, they’re both episodic!


I disagree. The correct usage of a monstrous chimera is a greek mythological monster with 3 heads which are a lion, goat and snake head on a tail the other correct form is for genetics. You can alter it for your stories but the correct one will always be the original one.


There Chimera was a singular monster. There was only one.


Don’t bust a n…egg, I mean egg


That goat looks terrified.


That could mean it had a snakes asshole on a goats body… lol


Same reason I get “slightly” annoyed when people use Siren to refer to a Mermaid.


My son hasn’t desired sleeping in his bed for many months, preferring a makeshift closet-floorbed set-up on posterpedic foam like a hidden headquarters…until my husband got back from the UK and brought him this flag. Now he WANTS to sleep back on his car bed under the British flag because he says it is the best flag and best country in the world.

At the very least my husband agrees to keep this flag upstairs. We have a big American flag downstairs and somehow my son broke out into a secret war and decided that the number of flags determines greatness…

…so he has been secretly drawing British flags all over to out-number the American ones we have…and you know:

(Obviously this is all meant in good fun…)


To be fair, it’s really a great looking and easy flag.


Without a leaf on it 2/10


My favorite song about 'Merica:


Canadian anthem Earrape version plays in backround






Is the first thing taste tested a real thing??!!
Hahahahaha! Stops for a moment… HHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This whole video…yes!

"You have to eat it with your fingers."
Appalled: “Are you serious?”

At 5:30 she rolls her eyes saying “Peanut Butter”…I’m offended! Hahahaha!


One day, when he’s sleeping, blare “America the Beautiful” as loud as you can.

Tell him “Greatness is determined by how loud your nation songs are.”

Also, USSR/Russia has my favorite national anthem. Like, ever.



I find it ironic that a lot of the countries that are usually the bad guys have some of the best sounding anthems.