Say Something Random 5.1


I fell asleep while I was making my bed this morning. Why.


Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin

cuz u were tired.


Suprisingly, I slept better when I was in the army.


When you’re talking to someone on the phone and they are just unbelievably happy…like stupid happy…all the time…for no good reason other than their own false lies to themselves that you can plainly see but which they are blind to…and you can hear the happy reeking through their voice and it oozes into your ear like salting some unforseen wound…all the while you know it’ll all just blow up later but they keep insisting on acting happy and trying to make you feel their happiness, beating it down over you like a unicorn bat.


Cause you knew the times you were given to sleep were the only time you were allowed to sleep and any extra time was unlikely.



and we will name him,… scrubby


looks amazing… love the animation and the mood.



The Northern Ireland conflict is the Troubles

WW2 is the emergency

And 185 km/h winds is the night of the big wind

the irish tend to understate things me thinks.



Been spending the last few days hardcore trophy hunting in Skyrim. Currently have all trophies from Vanilla and Hearthfire. Half way through Dawnguard. Getting so burnt out.


An entire wall…


take a break, but not too long… long enough for the urge to play again sets in…


sounds purrfectly normal to me.


My drive is the urge to play with mods again since mods disable trophies. But yeah, I played some Overwatch for about an hour and I’m back at the tedious and dull quest completing missions.


I would agree, but at the same time… Nintendo uses mostly simple geometry in their games to not only produce higher visuals at a lower cost, but at the same time like you have demonstrated here, they have someone BRANDED the simple shape and design…


Twitter is really interesting. I just try and focus on VR and AR + Medical to enhance peoples Quality of life.

From that, I end up with Tech companies from around the world following me. thats just… fun. I can use the resource of links i have so far and tweet them to who might need them.

still, when a high end tech company from Italy started following me, thats when i realized I might actually be helping people out!

plus its fun when they (the companies) interact with me and ask my opinion. so neat…


\Gets triggered.

Jesting. XP