Say Something Random 5.1


Gotta copy paste those i.redditupload images not copy image address if they don’t have the .jpg/png at the end


Hey BB :stuck_out_tongue:



A big ol’ whoppin’



or use BBCode like @Chromatic_Blue said.

[ img][/img]

without the first space



That picture looks dope, not gonna lie


It ain’t mine. idk who the artist is. But it was so amazing I felt it needed a share.


claps excitedly Yay you did it!



I know it’s not yours, no offense lol but if you were trying to post that image it wouldn’t have been hard because you already have that in your document so it’s like a drag and drop…you’ve posted pictures before you know what I mean


Not sure what you mean by that. He got the picture off artstation.

Also you can tell if a picture is copied or not by mousing over it. If it says image.jpg

its a copy image.
Uploaded images can have the file names as well so they’ll generally appear a lot different from a URL name.
while this is a linked picture because it has bits of the URL

Sidenote: this is new


I’m brewing up some science!


“science” or science?





A card game featuring hermit crabs for Kickstarter project, and it had this video on it as partial inspiration for their game.
That’s right I had to back it!
Shell Beach on KS now.


Thats weird lol.

I’ve backed a few kickstarters too though. Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall and Hong Kong were great. Wasteland 2 was fun. Pillars of Eternity was pretty good too. Still haven’t gotten around to playing Tides of Numenera though I really should. Waiting on 2 games. One of which I probably shouldn’t have backed and the other is Underworld ascendant which I’m hopeful for.



Let the feast begin