Say Something Random 5.1


You’re a beautiful boy, Rodney, but… is that a giant spoon?


“my spoon is too big”

The spoon is actually normal size but I have a very tiny head.


@DarkMesa I am having spoon related flashbacks.


hey so is it poosible for the orums to show images via wiki images



Guess not.


no i mean like could they make that happen so that if i posted that link it would show an image.

It has a .png


Oh ok. That would be great.



When I post something witty in a facebook argument and get hit with the like wave


Use BB code.


Happy birthday Hitler. You were truly one of the worst people to ever grace the earth I imagine. Personally I think Andrew Jackson was worse but yeah.

Maybe the devil is giving you something special for your 128th birthday.



You get a lick for Gundam! :smiley:

Also somebody just tried to insult me by calling me Cochise. Heck I think that’s a complement.


Happy Tree Friends is great.
Flippy is totes my favourite >.<

They also have nice anime fan art >~<


I always thought “Retarded Animal Babies” was better.



Is it me or the shape of the boy from Limbo slightly resembles characters from Nintendo, namely EarthBound/Mother?



Just gotta trim off everything after .png for wiki images. Doesn’t always work for the other kinds



Man Venezuela is pissed