Say Something Random 5.1


You don’t watch Alien movies or you haven’t watched Alien movies yet?

Godzilla 2014 was the entry point for a lot of new fans, no biggie. Godzilla isn’t a scary franchise either, the fights can be pretty brutal in later years though.

I only know Alien from Alien v Predator

Oh you poor, poor person.


I don’t watch them, not a fan sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch #30 and #33 and oh my…not very stomach turning unless you have a weak stomach but…[quote=“GoGoGoliath, post:8947, topic:108352”]
It’s gorey as fuck.


Meh, not much I can expect from someone who says Behemoth is OP.


The_Specialist: Don’t take anything I say seriously
The_Specialist: Behemoth is op


:cry: Good ol’ days

Where’s my Kraken meme??


Found it :smiley:


You can watch my youtube videos, for the most part I skip story related things and just explore everything first. To put it in reference, I’m like level 47 and just started the level 12/19 quest line stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t sleep.

My grades were once okay, but now shit’s starting to hit the fan. If I really dig my heels in, clench my teeth and go all or nothing, I could pull out a 3.0 GPA. But I’d need A averages on all of my assignments from here on out. But I’ve got a lot of big assignments coming up and, sadly, little opportunity to study. I’m going to have to devote a lot of weekend time this weekend completely to study. Why? Because next week I’m going to be in several dress rehearsals for a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. My weektime study time is gimped.

I’m so worried and so scared I can’t sleep. It boggles the mind.I have to get up in 5 hours and I’m wide awake.


Someone tell me I’m pretty and buy me Dutch Bros


I wouldn’t worry too much about grades. Studies show that college grades don’t matter to your future boss. What is important is that you pass the class.

Like my wife says, “Why work yourself to death for an A- when you can enjoy life and get a B?”

@Rapterror That stache… :joy:


It’s a standard I’ve set for myself all my life. A’s and B’s. Preferably A’s, now that I’m trying to get into grad school. It’s only my second freshman semester, I can’t afford to get lazy now.


Oh you don’t have to be lazy. I just know way too many people that got too stressed about their grades and ended up dropping out because of it. Talk to your professors and see what they say.

Your health, physically and mentally in this case is of the utmost importance. Half the time grad school is based more on professor reference than GPA if you plan on attending the same school and not moving to a different one so I would suggest making your presence known to them.


Cute, no? The effects of not shaving properly and never being able to get my damn upper lip right.


I don’t even know how to respond to this because I’m still laughing.


Aaaaaaand that’s how you know I’m not a real man.


It is alright, young, grasshopper. One day. You, will become a true man.


bowing intensifies


This is the least amount of hair I have had in years.

My wife shaved my head and I shaved my face to match…

I don’t really like it and its certainly not a good look for me but I couldn’t afford a proper haircut but it was getting about shoulder length and was annoying. Had to trim the beard because it looked funny long with the short hair.


I got hair in all the wrong places.

All my testosterone was like ‘upper body, what’s that?’

And that’s why I look like the goat thing from Narnia bodyhair wise


Wow your picture really does look like you. I have a newfound appreciation for it.


You can thank @ToiletWraith for it. She did a great job.
Its based off this.

My preferred amount of beard