Say Something Random 5.1


I’d very much like to have a simple wedding if the time ever comes ^^;

Simple man with simple needs :’>

~feels warm and fuzzy inside~


I guess you don’t really love her if you just want to give her a simple wedding. Everyone knows you have to spend 10 years salary on the wedding if you truly love them.


aw man! starts herding ostriches back into cages


Does the jokers evil know no bounds?


just watched this show and…

It was not pleasant.


Yeah I had a friend show it to me in high school


Best show ever.


I remember when I was a kid my parents told me not too. I watched it and was scared for life. I watched it when I was like 5 and the theme song brings back horrible memories. Maybe this is why I am always so dark and dead inside…




chocolate’s bad for you


Don’t know what do.

Want to watch @MaddCow play Horizon. Havent played it yet and don’t want spoilers.


You’re wrong.




I have never seen/heard anything about this show


Netflix it. Youtube it. I DON’T CARE just watch it!


I’ll watch a clip…tomorrow, if it’s that scary, I’ll mash it in with my scary stories listening


it’s not scary. Just… shocking.


It’s not scary. It’s gorey as fuck.

Basically, if Alien Resurrection was scary for you, Happy Tree Friends will be just about as scary.


I don’t watch Alien movies

I’ve known Godzilla for years but never chose to watch it until the 2014 Godzilla where he was a Good guy

I only know Alien from Alien v Predator