Say Something Random 5.1



That’s not even their worse act! They once said Vegans can’t use petrol because it’s FOSSIL FUEL of dead animals.


I’m going to start using that on vegans. lol

That’s a good one.



<purge the unworthy!>






Naw just meirl.




make sure to read the replies.


I see one of the guys at the bottom helped though lol

He gave her a “helping hand”.


Cure for insomnia? Give please.


Everytime I see that, I’m so glad they went with the final design for him. That suit in the thumbnail looks like a rejected Xenomorph costume


I just got some really bad matchs where my team keep under-perform.I feel very very small



That would be cool as shit. Ostriches may be mean motherfuckers, but Imma fight one with my bear hands and claim a trophy.

It would be a glorious wedding.

(P.S. I’m not dumb. I men my literal ‘bear’ hands:


Instead of catching the bouquet it should be whoever can catch and kill the ostrich is the next in line to be wed.


This is a wonderful idea. Would actually pay to see a bunch of women in ugly-ass dresses try to wrestle an ostrich.


I’m just imagining a bunch of brides maid in a pile on an ostrich… Eventually one pops up with her dress splattered in blood and shes holding the head up in the air in triumph.