Say Something Random 5.1


That’s all he knows how to do.


No I mean like the character in the movie is fucking retarded. He’s making shit tons of money and then tries to cut a partner out. A guy saves him 3 million dollars and he decides to not pay him. I’m just screaming in my head WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOOOOOING NOOOOOOOOOO DON’T TRY TO CHEAT THE TERRORIST/ARMS DEALER


Lets ask Zap!


I’m so mad because that scared the shit out of me.

Thank you. :upside_down_face:


it got me too… ^.^
its payback for face your fears


What is GW2?


guild wars 2 I said it like 3 comments later.


but what IS GW2


Somebody on Facebook said I should be killed and skinned because I am wearing a leather jacket in my profile picture…

When did vegans get so violent?




That’s not a vegan. That’s a terrorist.


Very true they make games like this


Imagine a Pokemon game that takes place in the past, before Red/Blue/Yellow.

“Pokemon Noir”


Also they kill so many animals a year. It’s ridiculous how hypocritical they are.


We’re not the monsters they are


Lol. Wear all leather for your next picture.


just gonna leave this here


Like a leather daddy?

@LordDerp I sort of want one of those comics…


Exactly, they’re Vegans so twisted on their belief that animals always come before humanity, that they’ve become an extremist group that will request the chair for anyone who so much as swats at a fly. (I’m not kidding! look up the time they tried to convict obama for swatting at a fly and killing it because it was interrupting his speech.)


They got at Obama over a fly?lol

Also looking up that gif above has got me looking through others and oh god I sometimes forget just how amazing this show was.