Say Something Random 5.1


ugh i know so confusing


Why does it exist tho. Words like biweekly should decrease the amount of words you have to use, not increase them (because you then have to explain which biweekly you mean).

Who’s fault is this word, cause I wanna rain down hell on 'em!


I’m gonna guess ur peoples mr englishman


I have always seen it used to mean every two weeks. Never heard someone do it for the other.

Also I will post more updates as progress continues.



I dont think you get it. I needed those images.


I’m sorry Charly. I was just trying to be cheery to help. Is it just new photos or all photos? because I might have a few.




Sometimes I’m the waste-paper basket.


Evidently we have similar tastes. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I meant that Tigerman and I pertaining to Warhammer have similar tastes. Altho I also like rogue one…


Sometimes I’m a floor.



I haven’t watched this video but with the exception of a few faces, I don’t think that the girl from mass effect is all that bad. Some of them are god awful though.

Honestly the new ones look okay. Sure they aren’t as “hot” but they do look more real at least.


I think Anita Sarkeesian might be the biggest troll of the recent years.



Ho Lee Sheet.

Two years.


That’s super impressive.


Oh… huh… That was surprisingly easy. Thanks. calls off holo tracker, takes pie, and recedes into the darkness


It really is. Seeing all of the Command Blocks just blows my mind.

Also, two fucking years.