Say Something Random 5.1


I’m heartbroken.
I had to roll back my PC to 5 days ago due to a problem and I’ve lost all of my art.
All of it.


Rip (>._.)>


I might cry.


Aww…iss okuy TW


I need sustenance and if I don’t get it this plant will be you…


jokes on you i play knight!backflips out window and drives away on battering ram


Are you purposely repeating what Tigre says? @.@

Also, Rogue One was really nice.
~watches the HISHE version~


Is that a Viking funeral?


no, it’s a tree funeral WITH vikings.

notice the difference? tree was not viking, vikings were viking.


Well fucking fine then… enchants holo tracker to follow you and taunt you until you give me food


~does stuff~



fine if you insist holds out pie and gives it to you


That looks amazing omg.

Watcha making?


Are you saying that the chicken pot pie was a Viking?



throws viking helmet into on fire oven



IKR boomboom is liek so dumb


Aren’t you glad I stole this? I know it’s not yours but if you lost it then now its found.

But now you have this nice blank slate!


A cabinet for my bathroom. Never made one before. That’s why its taking me so long. Got to make sure I don’t mess it up.


IKR! Fud tho

Neato! Please tag me in all and any update pictures you post! ^.^

On a separate note, I found out today that biweekly has 2 meanings - every 2 weeks or twice a week. How fucking useless/confusing is that!