Say Something Random 5.1


I would ban you for this.


I would ban you for a lot of things trollo liek ur crappy taste in anime.





mmmm nah 


I don’t like them either.
It’s 2 against 1 now.


Make that 3!


Now tell him Jojo sucks =D.



Keeping the last one

The sign language one was also funny to me…because I take ASL (American Sign Language)



Make that 4.


as an italian, i’ll always have a good chuckle at the sign language one.


One part down, like a month of work more to go.


The sloth being a favorite animal of mine due to our personal kinship in laziness, I had to get me a Gremblygunk of my own.


SpaceHulk: Deathwing then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Went upstairs and saw some smoke… apparently our oven caught fire for a bit. We were gonna have chicken pot pie, tho. Why you do dis to me??? :upside_down_face:


that chicken pot pie…

Just Got Chicken Pot Fried.


The pie wasn’t in the oven yet, it has only just preheated and we still get chicken pot pie because mom’s gonna use the toaster oven to bake it. Whoo! (^.^)/


grabs CPP and throws in on fire oven

now the joke works


But the pie ;-;



it was given a viking’s funeral