Say Something Random 5.1


There is always warhammer vermintide?



HOTS ranked really confuses me.

So you get +/- 200 points for ranked win/loss and then some extra +/- “personal ranked adjustment”.

Normally when you get a win, you might get 0 personal adjustment, or + for winning, or - for losing

But I managed to have -12 “personal adjustment” after winning a match. AND BEING THE MVP


Batman always wins with forethought.

One Punch Man vs Godzilla


the dutch one tho


I liked the French one.


Now play a gud gham.


They’re not all RTS’s…

May I humbly recommend vermintide?




I want to play as Space Marines <.<
Don’t think I saw any in vermintide :T

Although, I looked for Warhammer games and saw Eternal Crusade. Might check that one out O.O

Oh. Well, hope next game you get into will keep you stuck in it >.<


then specify WH40k also


I was planning on getting this on the PS4 but passed on it cus I didn’t like the review on it and also a friend said they disliked it too >.<

In the mean time, I could get this skin on LoL and be content with looking like a space marine >~<


donut batter waffle with oreos


Lose the Oreos and I would eat that.


I’d prefer chocolate but just plain doughnut waffles sound boring.


Cinnamon-sugar on them would be nice.


naw I want stuff inside my doughnut waffle.


How about a jam filling?

Or Reese’s pieces! :-o



I don’t like reese’s