Say Something Random 5.1


Tsundere should be killing boys, not hugging them XP


Depends on who is paired against who, but Yamcha and Roshi are my guesses.


everything perfect will go wrong.g


Yamcha isn’t in the picture. My guess is krillin.


Tien and krillin?

XD autocorrect strikes again. It almost made krillin krill in on my phone.





I mean he was given prep so 10/10 batprep.


but…100 bowls…that’s a lot of bowls /s


yeah but batpreptm you just can’t beat it. Give batman 2 seconds of warning and he kills God cause of the anti-God plan he made last thursday while he was taking a his daily 5 second break.


Real-talk, I hate the precog prep bullshit where he already has a plan for an opponent he’s never faced before ‘because he’s paranoid’



Isn’t that him next to Vegeta? Face doesn’t look like Gohan to me.


That’s gohan. Yamcha has scars.


That’s true. Adult Gohan and this Yamcha look way too similar though.

Without the scars, they would be identical. Thank god Gohan can go super saiyan, or there would be a scandal.


moment i heard “2 weeks of prep time” i knew who would win.


yamcha is gohans real dad #confirmed


Except for the whole super saiyan thing, I would subscribe to that theory.


vegeta is yamcha’s dad?


But Yamcha is older…