Say Something Random 5.1


Naw I got lots of shorts and of all different kinds. I only got 3 pairs of jeans and they are what I wear 90% of the time.


Hey guys what do you think of these designs?


You can have all the jeans you want.


Likes are not satisfactory.


right one looks like a centipede with a moles face.

I don’t have to go clothes shopping to pick them out do I? >.>


Probably because all of them dig in some fashion?


I get that but thats my first impression of the molipede o.o


Probably a good thing then.


Little critters like those make me feel creepy.
If they were big, I’d find them scary >.<

I find the Centipede the coolest o/

or at least, if it is a centipede I see O.O


Which one?


Bottom left >.<


Fun fact that’s the mini boss.
Halfway through the fight half of its body is blown off, and it uses its arms to crawl at the player.


I can imagine its guts dripping down from below. Sounds really cool for a mini boss >.<


You want me to go instead? Ewwww. I hate clothes shopping.


Godzilla 2014 and Alien, for me.

That is, when the DVD player will actually play movies.


Well I dun wanna go…

Send tsathy with my measurements?


Just order them online dummy.


But how will I know if they fit?


That’s part of the fun!


I’m not sure if I want the CIA or NSA to know my measurements =/