Say Something Random 3.0

Not a Snow Leopard, but still an adorable Lynx!

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Neither did I.

On the upside, I got money that I might use to pay for my hospital bills. I didn’t go to the hospital for the crash though

I can’t stop watching this! Such a pretty Lynx!

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Yay! This airing season doesn’t have much for me, but I am really enjoying this one.

@TheMountainThatRoars can we test this?

I think this will work.

Will work as what?

As a link to an adorable video of a Lynx.

0/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

10/1 adorable Lynx.

Anyone who dislikes MLP, ignore that fact for a minute. If you like Drum n Bass, you will appreciate this.


Who doesn’t like MLP?

A large amount of the internet unfortunately

That’s very disappointing.

I don’t particularly care for it. It’s too uppity for me. I dislike extremely uppity shows. That and I’m not big into the bad wrap people get.

Oh my god that profile picture is perfect, where’d you get it from and are there ones for the other starters lol

I just think it’s cute! Adorable little ponies going around doing shenanigans and having fun!

I get the whole wrap thing though. It’s a lot of bad stuff

It’s also why I used to be scared of identifying as a furry. I am a very shy person. I used to make myself as small as possible. So nobody would really notice me.

Just cause of the reputation groups get.