Say Something Random 2


After releasing the Regular Guidelines, we wanted to bring back the say something random topic, since it proved to be popular amongst the community. The last one started to get into dangerous territory, and was hence shut down. So this is a second chance, if you will. Please keep this one clean, free of obscene images and as off-topic as you like. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Would rather have : Caira as your dog / Abe as your uncle / LazaHyde <3 as your little brothers?
The thread where you speak in Binary and solve riddles or just chat in Binary
The rip-off thread
Landing a Tongue Grab on Laz
Olof Mellberg looks a lot like Torvald lol. (and if Sunny made Torvald shave)
You work at a cheese plant right?
Welcome one in all to my global domination in WEIRDMAGGEDON!
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Anybody else bored?
I was assaulted by a spider : o
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I think I may be starting to make a name for myself
I'm Back in Black
Cosplay and Fan Art
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Alien dream
WE NEED YOU - HUNT 2.0 Community players list
Well.. basicly every game of evolve ive played.. minus a few of the trolly weird ones.. yeah Right?!
Regular Kingdom
Regular Kingdom
Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix
A class varient sugesstion and a strategy for the monster team
Cory in the ParliaMENT (Cory in the House Parody)
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Very quick way to improve the forums
Very quick way to improve the forums
EMET gonna need a nerf
The Toxicity in This Game Is Real
Hunter suggestion: Class.Trapper-Donald trump POLL
I think I...hum
I think I...hum
I just found out how to counter Slim, hard
Wraith taunt/victory pose I would pay 1000 $ to get it!
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Scale of 1 to 7.3, how clever am I?
How long have you played
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(C) The most OP monster that is on evolve
Meet SSI's Shredder and lets throw Caira into it along with Daisy
Alleged picture of Angelyne/TOM the fifth medic[Clickbait]
2 tb harddrive


@zee we’re checking out your spoopy noise in discord

It’s Hank. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god HANK.
that scared me so bad why the heck did hank fall asleep during the match


'cuz he was incapped XD


Reasons why I can’t play with hank in my team …



That’s where I live!


On a hospital bed? Smh.


Spice and Wolf was really good, stumbled across it one day. No regrets I love romance stories, that’s kinda my thing.


I kinda did, at least for a few weeks.


Real women are best women.


No, Cat Girls, specifically those that have characteristics of Snow Leopards, are the best. Though I understand your joke, a man can dream!


@TrickshotMcgee is that site mobile friendly, because if it isn’t, RIP dank memes and Cat Girl dreams.


Which site? I listed two. Pretty sure they both are.

If you need a site to watch them on, go here. I know it’s mobile-friendly:

Best animu site ever, and it’s free.



First post.


[quote=“Shunty, post:7891, topic:74289, full:true”] Cat Girls

They’re out there somewhere :slight_smile:


If you count girls in cat Fursuits as Cat Girls, then they do exist.


one time I play am match where the actual player fell asleep with a mic on he was just snoring the whole time it was funny