Saving people in evac

Is it possible to save or kill every single person in Evac? I have killed the monster or won every round in evac but there are still a couple people left to fill up???

No, you can’t save or kill every single person because as soon as you meet the win requirements the match is over. :smile:

Are we talking Evac or Rescue?


Nah, if you win every round, that means you get a big XP bonus. The Monster gets a small one because he played through the whole thing. Think of it as a consolation prize of sorts. And I think you could claim he deserves one because the average game of Evac takes around 30-45 minutes. Sometimes ever longer than that. :open_mouth:

Dammit, I was thinking Rescue.

Edit: Wait…its the same thing. Just Rescue in Evac, right?

Edit 2: Or are we talking about the end of round tally?

That’s what I wanna know, lol. In Rescue, you’re right, but in Evac, is it possible to lose all five days and wind up with a score of zero? In this case I’m referring to the tally system in Evac.

Haven’t the foggiest.

Could we get a Dev or Mod to cut this fog for us so we can see the answer?

Pretty sure we’re talking about the tally after each day of Evac. He says every round not every wave. Evac has rounds, Rescue has waves.

It is not possible to get a score of zero. You always walk away with some bonus XP at the end regardless of your performance. Like I said, a sort of consolation prize for sitting through the entire thing.


The number of people saved/killed depends on the time that match took. The quicker the match, the more weighted it is toward the winner. Theoretically if you won all 5 games in 0 seconds you could save every person.

Which isn’t possible, of course. The fastest victory is about 16 seconds, which is when the Monster bot fails to spawn and is a very rare bug. Having it happen 5 times in a row would be the chance of Hyde parting with his ChemSprayer.


Now, next topic, when is lennox going to be nerf??? lol

“Wouldn’t part with it for tha world!”

Watch there be like an expansion or skin that instead of flame, its chemicals

Nope. Hyde would never do that. Nothing he enjoys more than seeing some Monster pinned to the ground. Wriggling about while he shoves fire down its Gregory. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Chemicals just don’t give the same satisfaction.


Technically with monster u can lose everything but defend then u basically kill everyone :smile::smile:

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