Save XB1 ESL?


Esl has been shutdown for xb1 because there are no teams. I was wondering if there was still teams or players interested in playing esl so we can bring it back, or should we just let it die?


tbh Id be down to form a team but i dont think one team would cut it


Why’d it die in the first place?


no one was registering for teams.


I was just wondering if there was a reason people weren’t signing up. PS4 ESL is almost dead because of disagreements between admins and the players they were talking to, and teams getting caught cheating without consequence.


oh, that i have no clue, all I know is that people on xb1 just weren’t registering for the event


It died because it was full of cheating teams using all the dirty backstabbing methods that Politics use in real life. That’s why it died.

Top tier teams were being matched against each other first while lower tier teams were fighting each other first.

Top Tier didn’t like this. They wanted some free wins before they had to go try-hard mode. Why risk losing early when you can throw a fit and fight all the noobs first?

After that my team and I just said screw it after awhile. Why bother?


Itd be alot better if tra handled the tournaments


You realize that every sports tournament takes past performance into account when making seeding right? ESL should be no different. The lower ranked teams should have to face higher ranked teams in the early rounds. I wasn’t on any of these teams but that is how sports and tournaments work. To say that it is political is…

seems like an exaggeration to me.


That can’t be right surely.


Regardless of which they made a bracket, teams threw a fit, bracket was refreshed and everyone else was pissed.

Thus no more ESL games.

I was in a tourney when they did this. ESL holders are unreliable toruny holders that don’t know the first thing about tournaments.


Emphasis on: A seed is a competitor or team in a sports or other tournament who is given a preliminary ranking for the purposes of the draw. Players/teams are “planted” into the bracket in a manner that is typically intended so that the best do not meet until later in the competition.

All entertainment saves their ‘best’ performers/events for last, otherwise why stay until the end? This is how it has been done for centuries. Even the Primas, the big gladiator events, had the best people kill eachother in the end.

As for the OP, I feel that the forums here aren’t really going to be able to do much to change ESL.


I can agree with that. They seem VERY unorganized and often unresponsive. I don’t blame people for not wanting to use esl but i think it was because of how difficult they are to work with and often have last minute changes.


This! :slight_smile: I’m not the biggest ESL fan either. Their rule system is lackluster at best, communication is poor, and I feel that the people in charge have no idea how Evolve even works. At one point there was a rule to ‘pause the game’ if someone disconnects. Do they even realize there is no pause function? :stuck_out_tongue:


Again the brackets were part of the issue.

They took ages to make a bracket past the time it was SUPPOSED to have been made. Then they redid it to appease the “better players” and I think they did it because they couldn’t handle the heat they were getting so like a Wal-Mart Manager they made them happy rather than understand that they are wrong and stand their ground.


What I am saying is that they made the brackets incorrectly and therefore corrected their error. They did this on PC a lot too and epex complained and they fixed it there too. Teams with more points in esl wins or at least placements would have higher seeds. If ESL messes that up, then sure people will complain and try to make them FIX it. I for sure would. They earned the higher seed. Those tournaments are for money and while that money may not matter to you, who knows it may matter to someone who is playing for the other teams.


well I do know that one of the devs said the US esl should be starting up soon and evolve will migrate to it. maybe xbox is off until then? I no for ps4 when it was big with 16 teams, we had 80% NA teams.


Thanks for the insight. Maybe @DB_Sinclair can clear some of this up for us.


Doesn’t have to be ESL I just want competitive to be alive.


Nice info but I meant in disbelieve that its dead on XB1 for ESL.