Save the Striders Challenge!


Starting today, I am announcing a fan-made challenge! I want as many of you to participate.
@MaddCow @PeirsPryce @SlinkyGuy -insert more people here-
Save The Striders
Challenge: Play as the monster on any map and don’t kill any Marsh or Canyon Striders. You must rely on 1,3, and 4 meats to evolve and get armor. If you kill 1 strider of any kind, then you must leave the map and kill yourself by leaving the territory.
Hope you guys have fun and if you can, post a video of you accomplishment this challenge!
I will be posting a video of me doing the challenge later this week. :stuck_out_tongue:


sooooo… do stage one wins with no eating count for this challenge too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, boo, I was thinking this could be a mock conservation effort, shedding light on the plight of the majestic Striders. Opportunity missed! :cry:


It does.
Either way, you didn’t kill a strider!
@MAMEiac Just save the striders or I will send the Mega Strider after you.


In the interests of stemming what will become a rampant Strider over-population issue coming from your misguided challenge I may play some Monster just to be sure to target them specifically to maintain the balance of Shear’s delicate ecosystem. :smirk:


But strider meat is tasty and it’s greasy and it’s filled with fat!
You want me to eat squid-chicken? A monster just can’t live on that!


We will finally have giant herds of striders!


Oh fuckin’ hell they smell so good, please just let me have a little bite!
I’ll take an old and sickly one, I mean you won’t really miss him, right?


I want giant t-rex type monsters to chase the striders :smile:


But the squid-chickens are the tastiest, most pounceable three meat out there!

@Matthew, can we have giant marsh striders written into the lore?


Curse you and your JP reference!
But you must all accept the challenge! I will do it!
You all pick on the poor striders. :frowning:


5th monster should be base on a necromancer/shaman and a strider matriarch. Call out the spirits of dead striders to avenge the wrongs done to avenge the wrongs done to them by the human colonists.

Yes a zombie strider. Instead of eating, she walks to an area and calls on the souls of dead striders to empower her.


What happens when the herds become to large and spread beyond into territories never before encountered on Shear? They will become an invasive species and displace the natural fauna of that region.

I for one reject your challenge and go for a pure and balanced Shear!!!


Dunno my background but strider seems to be native to Shear tho. The monsters…on the other hand are the invasive species that are doing great harm to the ecosystem.


Is the striders spreading out to other mpas bad?
The monsters are aliens and are coming to destroy the planet!
Leave the striders alone!


We prefer to be called alien colonists. And humanity is better? Stripping the planet of it’s ecological heritage?


Humanity is evil! They built an entire facility for canyon striders to die!
We need to at least help them by not eating them.
Then they have a chance to live.


But dem elite striders give me dem runs! How I gonna live without me runs?


We keep the herd strong by removing the weakest members. Only the strongest are left. Strong enough to fight back! By not eating them we weaken their genetic legacy!


Get them traversal!