Save Replay


is there any way to save replay ingame without recording it 1st?
becos . .
the juke is real!


Unfortunately there isn’t. I really hope this feature is added at some point, but as far as I know there aren’t any plans for it right now.


i see. i want replay feature in the ‘feature’ too. lol
thank you for your reply bro.


maybe put it in the Suggestions category, I WOULD LIKE IT!


Moved the category to ‘suggestions’. This hasn’t been brought up in a long long time so maybe things will change. :slight_smile:


yass! thank you. i hope we have this feature in the future. hope not that long future. haha thanks!


That’d be really cool. (also it would be a devastating feature against cheaters)
It’d take a lot of time, though, but maybe we could at least have those funny “map replays” we used to have on the old days post match with possibility of storing them on our hard drive and a menu where we could watch these replays