Savage Skins

I pre-ordered the game 2 months before it came out, and bought all the packs with it. Never received the savage skins. What do I do to get those?

Pre-ordering the game only gave you the Savage Goliath skin.

Also, what platform are you on?

If you’re on PC, does the Savage Goliath skin appear on your steam?


You need to buy the Kraken and Wraith Skins from the shop
Also what platform are you on
If you are on xbox1 (like me) go to the data and click on evolve and go to the options Behemoth should be there (i think) along with Savage Goliath Skin Click to start the installation

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@Naoxyn Give us a heads up if you have got the Goliath one.

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I’m on the PS4 system, there’s no option in the DLC to buy those skins, and I don’t have a single one ingame.

Huh, that’s odd, i’m looking at the evolve in game store, I see savage wraith/kraken right there.

Did you order a physical copy of the game or a digital copy?

Edit: Ignore me, misread the op. :sweat_smile:

Huh. Try unlinking-relinking your my2k account. Worked for me after the gold skin fiasco.

Ok, Op here. The Skins are in the store, but only purchasable at $2.99 each. But, they should’ve been free since I preordered the game, right? I do have the Instant Hunter pack with it and the hunting season pass.

The savage Goliath skin was free with the pre-order, but you have to pay for wraith/kraken

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@Magik_boom Never received Savage Goliath though. that’s the issue. Checked store, and I can buy it. but there’s no way to redeem it like there should be.

Hopefully a Moderator could help you with this as the Savage Goliath looks so cool

Ah so it is the savage goliath skin you are missing. It seems my earlier question was in fact valid. :smile:

Was it a physical or digital copy that you pre ordered?

Physical copy. There was nothing in the case that had a code or anything like that.

There should have been like a little card with ‘monster expansion pass’ on it with a code which gives you savage goliath and behemoth. Was there nothing like that in there?

No, there wasn’t. :confused: Did I get cheated out of a skin? xD

But it did give me Behemoth for free as a download when he came out.

Man that’s rough.

I’ll tag @SlabOMeat to see if there is anything he can do to help.

I hope this gets sorted out, it sucks you didn’t get the pre order bonuses that you should have.

Was there a code that was given to you for behemoth?

No, when behemoth became available in the store, there was an option to download him, but I have to purchase the Savage skin for goliath.