Savage skins!


Kraken and wraith got savage skins!!!


I hadn’t seen that, sounds cool.


Pics pls, must see


These were posted in another thread: [quote=“mediumvillain, post:160, topic:49505”]
Oh and BTW
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/c/c/cce321682f0f9675b0ec53290bd3ade3d961d3d1.jpeg" width=“690” height=“388”>
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/d/1/d19d0f398a35e2b809e239efb403e67b42897fd8.jpeg" width=“690” height=“388”>




Cool ! thanks for the heads up ! Are they free or paid content?


How do i get these


Paid I believe. My wallet is standing by!



Would be nice to see Savage on all monsters. Yes, you too Behemoth.


Aww gif no work


There in the store already but sadly there are no skins for behemoth yet


These skins make me want to play Wraith and Kraken.

I would totally play Kraken, but Wraith; naw.


How do u get them


they look so cool,. Kraken’s eyes become red and he looks so demonic XD


Im buying wraith but i really wanna buy savage goliath


The savage kraken skin is the best, for the first time a skin that changes his eye color.


If you look REALLY close they all do on the outline but its not enough to actually change his complete eye COLOR…or im suuuuuuper high


To me the eyes on the rest of Kraken’s skins are all white. If they do change it is very subtle, this savage one had demonic red eyes.


I bet 50 dollars on that you are high


These are probably my favorite skins so far! Make me want to play monster more and buy them. I usually only get to play monster in Custom games here and there, since otherwise I am in a party with monster play disabled :frowning: