Savage Skins - I feel like the Wraith is missing something


But I can’t quite put my finger on it.


In the words of my daughter: “She has no eyes.”


Oh azmi, always making skins that don’t exist ^.^
Careful you’ll depress some people :stuck_out_tongue:


TRS PLZ make this happen.

Mr murica Kraken

4th Of July Themed Skin?
Show us your stuff for the Livestream!
Happy 4th of July, the celebration of our independence.. (aka july 2nd)

Murica… F**k yeah


was that your video? I loved it and guys on reddit enjoyed it too.


That was!

IT was on reddit??


Azmi make a majestic f**kin eagle skin for Gobi ^.^


Could be worse! … I think
I need to see this video now


Now that’s what we need!


Lies. :cry:

I get enough of America, living in America. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to make that. Because for f*kin freedom.


10 char