Savage Skins are awesome

Alright, so personally skins aren’t something I typically buy, minus the bog Monster skin pack because of camouflage reasons and I never use them >:[

Anyway, I’ve now joined in late twice as Goliath and Kraken. Each wearing the savage skin. I have to say those skins are awesome and all I want to do is throw money at the screen for every skin pack now for no reason.


Savage Goliath was my go-to skin that I used for a while, then I started rotating because they are all cool in their own way.

I mainly use Voodoo, Default, or Elite.

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Voodoo is awesome! Mainly due to being able to see bone structure but the whole design is cool! I like Wraith’s Voodoo most.

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voodoo skin

I try to buy a skin pack each month, just to throw money at them. But I love that Savage pack, especially now that 2K finally gave them to me :P. Had to fight with them for almost TWO months to correct their problem.

I rock my Gold skin usually, people gota know they ain’t fighting a monster, they be fightin’ a stylish murder machine. :laughing::smiling_imp::sunglasses:

Wraith looks awesome with it!



Savage > Voodoo > Animal > Elite

Why must you tempt me with the glorious skins!

and your leader status :slight_smile:

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@Shrizer These are the skins you wanted. :wink:

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Savage kraken is scary with those glowing red eyes

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I played as that earlier. Some terrifying stuff.

I have every skin (hunters and monsters) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Can I haz monies? :moneybag:?


We were playing when you tagged me in this… AND you tried to kill me with a Beetle+Toad combo…

I also loosed a Tyrant and three mammoth birds on you but those attempts failed.

Brutality! Player one has left the game.


I got the savage Goliath skin from the PCMR I believe, didn’t really use it much.