Savage skins? and other skins


So i bought savage wraith and im getting ready for savage kraken. Thats cool and all but i heard that i can buy savage goliath now and that they have “Voodoo” skins they had either under wraps soon to be in store or something like that. Anyoone out there can shed some light on this


Any other skins other than what is currently in the store right now is shear speculation.



I see what you did there.



I cant check right now so im guessing savage goliath isnt in the store?


The last time I checked for PC it was in the store.


Savage Golaith Right? im gonna try to get all of them and all of the other skins


Yep, Savage Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith.


Im getting them on ps4 but AWESOME