Savage Music


Hey community!

I saw this new article posted recently, and noticed it hasn’t reached the forum yet, so I thought I’d share:

It’s an interview on the music for evolve. It’s got some really cool stuff about monster music versus hunter music, multiplayer game music, music at different stages, the challenges that went into making it all, and more. It’s a really fun read!

EDIT: Forgot to mention: there will be a part 2 next week! stay tuned :slight_smile:

Also, as a side note, it makes me wonder: what went into deciding which sounds the monsters make, and what goes into their roars? I know how much work went into making Godzilla’s new sound for the 2014 movie, and I’d love to hear how Goliath and Kraken’s sounds were chosen.


Yea it’d be interesting to hear some of the process from the sound effects as opposed to the music.