Saurian: Dinosaur Simulator


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Click on that link for CONCEPT ART GOODNESS and in-game screen shots of the pre-alpha, along with a plethora of other info!

So, I wanted to get a little bit of attention on this, hmm, project I’ve been helping with as a QA tester.

But first, a preface.

The game’s team itself is composed of a few disgruntled team members that worked on a previous game, Primal Carnage ( which, trust me, went to the shitter very quickly after the 1.3 update-- more on that later if you’re reaaally -that- interested in it, I’m not breaking any NDA’s by retelling my experience during -that- project ).

Those of us that left that project left because, well, we were treated like shit by the devs. Mostly. And more importantly, our feedback was not listened to, and on the contrary, we were often told to shut up about criticism. OH THE JOYS! You can imagine why we decided to start our own project. Yes, … a project where this animosity between Dev and QA wouldn’t follow. ( Allow me to make a small parenthesis here; I’m very happy to see that it is not the case in Turtlerock’s HQ! And let me tell you, it SHOWS in your project! )

As for the rest that didn’t work on Primal Carnage, well, they came from here and there, and while I met several new people this way, there was ONE thing we all had in common; the love of paleontology. It immediately made a difference ( obviously, the PC devs cared not about believable animals or anatomical accuracy ) when we interacted. We all became very good friends, fairly quickly.

RJ Palmer, or Arvalis as some know him, even hopped on the bandwagon to draw some sick ass concept art! ( )

So here you have it. A bunch of ex QA testers and Devs from a tired beaten-horse-of-a-project, teaming up to make something. Wait. I didn’t even talk about Saurian yet… Damn it! Okay, here we go.

##Saurian, or How I Learned to Love the Cretaceous.##

So, what is this? Dinosaurs, again? Oh for Christ’s sake, this dinosaur thing is getting overly done, I can already hear you say. Fret not. You don’t shoot dinosaurs. You don’t sneak around an old power plant trying to avoid dinosaurs, you don’t try to leave an island filled with the “monstrous” animals, no.


You use teeth and claws, not guns. You sneak around Hell Creek, not a power plant-- though you DO avoid dinosaurs. You don’t try to leave the “Island”. First of all, it’s not an Island, it’s a formation in the Cretaceous, and you -live- in it. Hell, you’re part of the ecosystem! A very accurate ecosystem, in fact, as far as paleontology can tell. From the animals that live in it all the way to the very plants that adorn the landscape.

Oh right. You’re one of those animals, I forgot to mention. Good luck out there, you’re going to need it, champ(sosaurus).


There isn’t a lot that’s been covered, but you should expect this section to expand rapidly in the following months, as we approach the project’s release. I’ll tell you what you -can- expect, on the other hand. A fully working ecosystem, animals that interact with each other, and the hardships of life during this era.

Again, stay tuned for more! There’ll be information on the survival mechanics soon!

##The Confirmed Playables#

Let me present to you, the magnificent creatures you will be able to incarnate in this adventure! Oh, yes, there will be more, you can count on this section getting updated.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Sue. Stan. Jane. You name it whatever the hell you want, but this is the most iconic dinosaur of all time, and baby, it lived in the Cretaceous! You know what that means. You get to play the darn thing!

This big predator could be considered our poster child for Saurian. More details on gameplay coming as they get revealed officially-- I hate to do this, but I’ll have to zip my mouth until then.


Well, RJ didn’t get around to making a concept art piece for this one, but this large, territorial dinosaur does not wear a red crest for nothing. Its horns make for an impenetrable front, so predators beware!

These animals are not cowards, and could be compared to hippos in terms of aggressiveness levels when it perceives a threat. One jab of those horns at the right place, and you are gored for good.


Achero’s animations and in-game model

So this is the latest addition to the playable roster! This little guy is a small-sized predator ( That’s a very relative term in the cretaceous! ) that tends to rely on teamwork and cunning to take down prey. Strength in numbers! They’re also fairly agile and have a very sleek coat of feathers to boast. Picture and description will be updated when they reveal more!

Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis

This guy just recently got confirmed for playable dinosaur! Okay, that was a mouthful of syllables. Little has been revealed about this creature as of yet, but you can already imagine that this is a born sprinter. Probably harder game for a big animal such as T. rex, but probably on the menu for, say, medium-sized one.

What’s that domed head for anyway… ?

##Other Animals##

These animals have neither been confirmed or denied as playable, and will be part of the ecosystem nevertheless.


These strange, quilled dinosaurs are social creatures. They will mingle and trot in groups, and are the perfect mid-day snack. They’re relatively defenseless, and they’re not that fast either, so they rely on communication for safety. They’re pretty good at hiding, too!

Denversaurus schlessmani

DENVERsaurus? Why not Broncosaurus while we’re at it? I kid, I kid. This thing is a walking set of armour, impenetrable-- … well, aside from that delicious, soft, tender underbelly, of course. Watch out for those spikes, though.

Ankylosaurus magniventris

Ah, now this one might be familiar to some of you! Look at that clubbed tail! Perfect for smashing femurs. I wouldn’t approach one from behind. Or the sides. Nor the front, I mean, look at those adorable ear-like horns! It’s like a kitty! Aww. Don’t expect this tanky thing to run very fast, its best bet is probably to stand its ground and wave that tail around-- or subdue you with its sublime charm. Just-- those horns, oh!

Quetzalcoatlus sp.

Remember when I said animals, not just dinosaurs? Allow me to blow your mind. Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs. OH SNAP! In retrospective, I hope some of you knew this already! They are flying reptiles! Wait-- I know what you’re thinking, what is this monstrous being? It just happens that Quetzalcoatlus is the biggest flying animal to have ever lived, and it lived in the Cretaceous. Oh my! The bigger creatures have nothing to fear, it’s the hatchlings, juveniles and the medium critters that need to watch the skies.

Champsosaurus sp.

Here, we have another reptile. One could imagine it lurking in shallow waters, waiting in ambush. This thing basically covers the role of a modern-day crocodile! Or at least, one would hope. As long as it stays there-- just-- just stay out of the water.

Mosasaurus sp.

You know that crocodile-looking thing we just covered? Well. This thing puts it to shame. It probably EATS Champsosaurus for breakfast. Another marine reptile, too, not a dinosaur, but very present, and very feared along the coastline. You best be hoping the tide doesn’t rise too high, or you might have a nasty surprise during one of your leisurely beach strolls.

Jurassic World : The Game
Any dino lovers here?
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Any game that lets you play as dinosaurs is interesting to me. I will keep an eye on this one for sure!


Its the coolest


Well done ill check it out on old Google


Holy crap…this looks fantastic! Extra kudos for being such a small team. :smiley:

Will definitely be keeping my eye on this, hopefully this can break the curse of bad dinosaur games. :stuck_out_tongue:


:open_mouth: You get to play as a Mosasaurusssssss


are the dinos cold or warm blooded?



But that probably won’t really impact gameplay, unless there’s an expedition in a snowy mountaintop.


well if theyre cold blooded ( which is incorrect as they were warm blooded creatures) then its going to be a really slow paced game full of sun bathing to energize your giant ass to get a damn move on. where as if its with warm blooded (correct blood type) then it could be an interesting game that wasnt a slugs pace.


I know. Which is why they are warm-blooded! P:


although dont make a winter map, the earth was at a global high during the mesozoic and there were very little “winter” climates as it were.


Don’t worry. I’m not the biggest Paleonerd on the team, but we do -not- add a single feature without consulting several paleontologists first. In fact, we had to redo the flora a few times in order to stay accurate.


im impressed


Here’s a recent interview we’ve had if you’re interested! I was the one who took the in-game screenshots while players were mingling :'D


You had my curiosity at Dinosaurs, You had my Attention at playable T Rex.


And it’s very nice to control, feels like an actual animal with weight! I was several of the rexes, and one of the jousting trikes featured in the pre-alpha trailer, for an example. All the dinosaurs in it were played by humans on our server ( None of us have actually ever seen each other in real life! ) while two were busy filming in different angles and location.

That doesn’t mean the Thescelo will be playable, though! We mainly use it as a puppet-- but who knows, maybe it’ll become a select-able species.

I can’t wait to share more gameplay info with all of you!


In the middle of Beta, I’m not expecting this to generate a lot of attention, but here you go; An interview with Unity3D!


Hey guys. Guess what just got confirmed for a playable dinosaur?!

That’s right, Acheroraptor!

You’re looking at the silhouette of the actual concept art. It’ll get revealed completely soon!

Maybe a teaser trailer? WHO KNOWS!

Also, I’ve updated the first post with the new, awesome website, which has several pieces of concept art and screenshots!


Yush! Glad they didn’t skip on Raptors. :smiley: