Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator


I believe that’s the point.


Well, they probably would have in life, given what we know about them.


I like to imagine them as bigger pigeons. lol


It looks a bald eagle though! Can’t we make it look threatening?


Are you saying a bald eagle is not threatening?


It doesn’t look threatening.


Not everything has to be terrifying.


When dealing with nature though, it kinda does.


It depends.
Things like ostriches and cassowaries aren’t particularly scary looking, but they can be lethal.
In the same regard, things such as lions are physically imposing yes, but their colouration isn’t as vibrant as tigers.


Ohhhh, I misread your post. My bad.

We are on the same page.


When you mentioned they look like Eagles, I was kind of glad.
Because these aren’t meant to look scary, or like monsters.
They are meant to look like animals living in a world we never saw, so the more similarities to actual animals, the better.


Birds of prey can be fucking terrifying. Now imagine them with a face full of needle-like teeth and the size of a dog. Get attacked by an eagle and then tell me they’re not scary.

Who’s ready for some science in the most recent devlog?
Some quick recap.

And then a bunch of science on weather.


Why are you always so fast? Was just about to post this.

Hopefully they don’t jump the gun on the trex thing. It would be a good idea to wait for some more evidence on the subject.

Judging from the video it seems as though dinosaurs will have a walk, fast walk, jog and then sprint for their movements but I could be wrong.


I have my connections.
Also devs will not be changing the T.rex model until after release, and even then now on the evidence referenced. The T.rex lip thing is not enough for the devs to change due to lack of any real evidence.





But all the little birdies are so cute and cuddley. Their entire existence is down to the cosmic forces of the universe needing you to make a statement on our feathered friends or else the spaghetti monster will come to kill us all.

Also, I’m not entirely sure but I spied with my little eye a Twitter conversation on edmontosaurus about its size (I think), would some intelligent fellow shed some light on the matter?

Devlog time.
Mostly bug fixing has been going on so we instead get a preview as to what he book will contain.

Devlog time.
Some more info on the ai and some cute whittle Dakota babies.